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3-in-1 Horizontal Top-Bar Hive KIT Unassembled

  • Hive construction:

    • These hand-crafted artisan hives are not outsourced, but are carefully and lovingly assembled by the founder of our apiary, Edina .
    • Constructed from robust 2" untreated pine lumber, these hives provide maximum insulation and protection for your bees, ensuring durability. 

    • The raised metal roof delivers rain protection and optimal airflow over the bars during the summer, while also allowing for the addition of insulation material in the winter, making them among the best-insulated hives available. (2" lumber provides twice the insulation of the 1" grade wood used in Langstroth or other top-bar hives, and it is 50% more insulating than 1" cedar.) 

    • The roof can be secured in place using supplied ties, strong magnets, or weights. Additionally, an easy hinged option is also available.

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