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About The Bee-Guardian Apiary

Welcome to the Bee-Guardian Apiary, a second-generation, woman-owned apiary dedicated to revolutionizing beekeeping through our commitment to natural, treatment-free practices and innovative handcrafted horizontal hives. Founded on European traditions and genuine love for the honey bees, our highly trained woman-owned business takes pride in offering top-notch products and comprehensive training to support fellow bee enthusiasts on their journey.

Specializing in horizontal beekeeping, we provide a nurturing environment that allows our bees to thrive in a manner that closely mimics their natural habitats. By avoiding conventional toxic treatments and embracing holistic hive management, we prioritize the health and vitality of our colonies, resulting in the production of pure, treatment-free comb honey and wax of exceptional quality.

At The Bee-Guardian Apiary, we are more than just a supplier of horizontal hives, bees, honey, and wax – we are a trusted partner and educator. Our comprehensive training programs empower beekeepers of all levels with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in treatment-free beekeeping, fostering a community of conscientious apiarists dedicated to the well-being of bees and the preservation of their essential role in our ecosystem.


As a second-generation, woman-owned business, we are driven by a profound respect for nature and a dedication to upholding the legacy of responsible beekeeping practices. Our commitment to European traditions and a genuine love for the bees sets us apart, inspiring us to lead the way in sustainable, treatment-free beekeeping.


We invite you to join us in our mission to cultivate a sustainable future for bees and humans alike. Thank you for choosing The Bee-Guardian Apiary as your partner in natural, treatment-free beekeeping.


Meet the Founder

Edina Csaszar-Toth was born and raised in Hungary in a family deeply connected to the world of honey bees. Her father, a master beekeeper with over two decades of experience, instilled in her a passion for beekeeping from a young age.

Following in her father's footsteps, Edina dedicated herself to continuing his legacy. The experience of witnessing the honey bees' response to the total solar eclipse in 1999 served as a catalyst for Edina's spark of interest in beekeeping. While she had been exposed to beekeeping throughout her life due to her family's involvement, this event opened her eyes to the incredible adaptability and resilience of honey bees.

Edina is the founder of the Bee-Guardian Apiary and the Bee Pages Book Club, bringing extensive knowledge to the table in the field of beekeeping.

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She is currently pursuing her second master’s degree in environmental science at Oregon State University. She is immersing herself in extensive research, studying various scientific publications, attending workshops, and collaborating with other beekeepers to deepen her understanding of honey bee behavior, hive management techniques, and sustainable practices.

Edina’s commitment to expanding her knowledge and skills in beekeeping through practical experience and certifications is truly admirable. She has pursued certification as a beekeeper from the University of Montana. Edina is also trained and certified by renowned bee whisperer, Les Crowder, who is pioneer in horizontal beekeeping in the U.S. and Nathalie B. who is a professional educator and passionate advocate of Natural and Biological Beekeeping methods from Bee-Mindful.


Edina is also working on obtaining her biodynamic beekeeper certification at the Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary. These educational opportunities not only provide her with structured learning experiences but also allow her to connect with a community of fellow beekeepers. Through these endeavors, Edina can continue growing as a knowledgeable and skilled beekeeper, contributing significantly to the preservation and sustainability of honey bee populations.

Edina is an avid farmer. Her love for farming was deeply rooted in her early years in Hungary. She witnessed her parents and grandparents diligently caring for their farms, teaching her the value of hard work, patience, and nurturing. Edina's commitment to continuing her father's legacy and expanding her knowledge exemplifies her deep, genuine love and respect for honey bees. She lives in Cortlandt Manor, N.Y. with her loving husband and sweet daughter. 

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