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Custom-made Les-is-More Top-Bar hive with Your choice of Roof

  • Work at waist level only, eliminating the need to bend down. 

    • Offers longer durability compared to hives with vertical walls, as the entire hive is covered and the slanted walls are shielded from sun and rain. 
    • Inspection is much faster and simpler.
    • No requirement for equipment storage such as empty boxes, frames, or extractors.
    • No additional equipment necessary as the colony grows, resulting in a one-time expense. 
    • Simplified space management, with horizontal expansion and contraction of the brood’s nest.
    • Yields abundant comb honey and wax, with comb honey selling for twice as much as liquid honey. 
    • Minimizes stress on the bees, as only a few bars need to be pulled for inspection, and there is never an empty cavity above the brood's nest.
    • Promotes calmer bees and less intimidating management.
    • Eliminates hiding places for Small Hive Beetles.
    • Enhances thermodynamics and safeguards nest homeostasis, eliminating the chimney effect and protecting the integrity of the brood’s nest.
  • 4ft long - Heavy Duty 3-in-1 Double Top-Bar Hive (20” bars)



    (Please note: these cannot be shipped and will need to be picked up at The Bee-Guardian apiary).

    • These unique Horizontal Hives enable a more natural and attentive approach to beekeeping, resulting in abundant harvests of liquid honey, comb honey, and beeswax.
    • They promote calmer, healthier bees and more content beekeepers compared to traditional Langstroth boxes, while aligning with the bees' natural instincts over industrial practices.
    • Featuring double insulation, they provide superior thermal mass and enhanced thermodynamics compared to vertically oriented, thinly walled Langstroth boxes.
    • With a maximum weight of 8lbs, there is no heavy lifting involved, unlike the 90-100lbs typically associated with Langstroth hives. 
    • There is no requirement to store multiple boxes of supers and drawn comb during winter, or bulky extractors. 
    • These hives simplify beekeeping for everyone, including individuals with disabilities, children, and retirees.
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