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Nathalie’s Flex Convertible Top-Bar Hive

  • Are you someone who currently has regular Langstroth hives and is interested in transitioning to top-bar hive beekeeping, but you're unsure about how to start? Alternatively, are you dealing with an injury or physical limitations that could make traditional beekeeping methods challenging? Are you passionate about teaching your kids, grandkids about beekeeping? If so, Nathalie’s convertible top-bar hive is designed with you in mind.

    • Nathalie’s Convertible Top-Bar Hives provide the option for an effortless Langstroth NUC and frames conversion. 
    • We place a deep box onto the end piece used as a shelf, allowing it to open up to the top-bar hive cavity and enabling the colony to expand horizontally into the Top-Bar Hive during periods of expansion by naturally building new combs onto the top bars. 
    • Do you want to start beekeeping with Langstroth NUCs and wish to venture into Top-Bar hive beekeeping? We got you covered.

    Top-Bar Hives offer the possibility of an Easy-Peasy Langstroth NUC & frames conversion:

     just pop a Langstroth NUCs onto the end piece used as a shelf, opening it up to the top-bar hive cavity, and letting the colony expand horizontally into the Top-Bar Hive during periods of expansion by building new combs naturally onto the top-bars. Place your rain cover on, then wait a few weeks before removing the NUC Box and putting the end pieces back in position.

    We offer coaching on how to transition from a Langstroth hive to a top-bar hive. 

    Hate the idea of wrestling with equipment assembly? We've got you covered in select areas! If you're located in New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), New Jersey (NJ), Southern Massachusetts (MA), Southern Vermont (VT), and Northeast Pennsylvania (PA).

    Please be aware that these items are not available for shipping and must be picked up at The Bee-Guardian apiary. Alternatively, you can contact Edina for on-site assembling services. It's important to note that our on-site assembling and hands-on assistance for setting up a convertible hive with a fully established Langstroth colony or NUCs are not included in the above price. This is a separate service and must be paid for on the day of the service.

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